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How does rank placing work in Capital Conquest? and other questions...

Would love some clarification from SMG on these quick questions... 1. Hi, placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. Is easy enough for world domination matches, but how do you calculate finish places on a Capital Conquest game? There is an obvious winner, but the game can easily conclude with 6 players still present. 2. How does quitting or surrendering effect the final placement and ranking? Couple scenarios: A) in a 6 player world domination map and in the 2nd round I lose wifi, or my phone dies and I DO NOT rejoin the game. The computer takes over and does very well ending up winning the game over all other players. Do I get credit for that win since it's my account even though I'm not playing? B) start off in a 6 player world domination match, two players are eliminatd early on. Following that the other three players end up surrendering or quitting leaving me play against 3 AI Bots. At this point I feel like I've won the game since I'm the last human player playing. However I know that's probably not the case. What happens if I then lose this match and end up in third place do I get to third place points? C) is there any difference in player ranking whether or not you rage quit and close the game or if you do the proper thing and forfeit by raising a white flag official ending your game? Is there any difference between the two variations of quitting the game when it comes to ranking and points? D) kind of the same question as above but is there a difference in being the first player eliminated by losing all of your territories or being the first person to quit or forfeit a game? Discussions welcome if you feel one way or the other. Would really like clarification from someone with a name tag from SMG. Thanks and it really is a great game, a little too many sore losers and conspiracy wackos though.
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Alright! I can answer all of these except the first question about Capitals ranking.

Quitting or surrendering will give you the place that your AI is in when it finishes - so if your AI wins the game after you leave, you will be granted a win. It's where your AI places. No difference between quitting and surrendering. If you are the first to quit/surrender, your AI could still not be the first to lose so you could get a better score than losing first.

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