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Third place?

How many places (1-6) gain rank???

Does any1 know? What is breakdown for 6 players. .5 ...4 etc ?
Probably depends on your rank. If your a beginner 3rd place probably gains slightly. If your a master 3rd place certainly loses you rank...even in a game of 6. If your a Grandmaster anything other than a win probably drops u rank. From experience i know that when your a grandmaster, just 3 or 4 2nd or 3rd place finishes in a row , even in games of 6 players drops you fast. You almost have to outright win to not drop when your ranked high. I went from Grandmaster to expert once in a matter of maybe 10 games from not winning any of them despite many 2nds
Ok,been wondering if 3rd gains ...TKS.....
That's a lot of probably's, won't SMG tell us exactly how ranking works instead of broad descriptions like they've given us?

Alright! I can mostly explain how this works:

It depends on the ranks of the players above and below you. For example, if you were a Novice and got fourth place, but the players that beat you were all also Novices and the players that lost before you were both Grandmasters or Masters, you could gain rank even though you got fourth. The game individually calculates a loss/win against each player: If you placed fourth in that example, it would count the same as two wins against a GM/M and three losses against a Novice.

LMmfAss when does 3rd place not lose pts,not ranking..lose or 3of 4 ,,3 of 5etc
Sweet...finally,the answer been looking for .over 2 month..

3rd place can not lose points if they beat three players of higher rank, and lost to players of higher or equal rank as well.

Are you part of the development team Eric?

No! I'm just someone who tries to help out :)

TKS, got info needed...

No problem!

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