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Transfer mobile accounts to Steam

I put a lot of effort and money into the mobile game. Now that the game is on Steam, I want to transfer the information there. How can I do that if possible?

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Are we going to get an answer on this ?

Like my Wife put a lot of effort and money into the mobile game(Maps and Features). Now that the game is on Steam for a good while now, She wants to use her account information from the mobile Risk account to the Steam Platform RISK game. How can a person do that if it says "Error966" when she tries to sign in, basically doesn't allow her to sign in(almost does, shows her account screen, then disappears) and she can't log in. It is possible to use your mobile account information on your PC using STEAM platform when Playing RISK Global Domination? BUT GET THIS... I can play with my Wife when she uses her Mobile, and I use my PC in the same map/sever. So in order for her to use her PC, she has to use the STEAM RISK Profile in Steam RISK Global Domination(Which has no purchased Maps, and features from the Mobile Risk Account).

Please advise me with the remedy of this problem.

Thank you, and Regards,

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I have same problem.. do you have a Solution?

I also got "Error966". I have multiple steam accounts as I play many games with my wife. Recently, I purchased some games on account A while having risk on that account too. I am trying to play risk on account B but it gives me "Error code 966" when I log in with my risk credentials. Could you please add a disconnect from the Steam function or straight forward login without thinking about the steam binding?

I have to play on my phone otherwise.

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