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Grandmaster Risk Games Hosted on Friday March 7th! CC & WD! Click for details!

I will be hosting Ranked Risk Games for Grandmaster Players, these will be hosted at the following times:


Session 1 - Friday 7th March @11pm GMT

Session 2 - Saturday 8th March @4am GMT


The game modes I will be hosting are Capital Conquest & World Domination. These will be 5 player playoffs on the Classic Map. The Dice Rolls will be True Random, Manual Placement will be off, Turn Timer will be 3 minutes (to assist with manual rolling), Allays will be turned off, Ranked will be On, fog of War and Blizzards will be Enabled and card bonuses are Fixed.


If you would like to participate in this epic battle visit this Event's discord  channel: and read the 2020-03-07-event-rules before responding in the 2020-03-07-applications channel.


If you are Grandmaster Rank and cannot access discord you can email me at:


The matches will be uploaded to my Risk YouTube channel:

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