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Capital conquest

Please fix capital conquest. The 3 bonus starting troops is way too much. Needs to be like 1. Also there is way too many pop ups about rounds. So annoying.

do you mean the time it takes to select your troops ie the time after you select them how the camera moves and zooms in, before allowing you to select the amount? And then the attack animation times and zoom out time? Is this what you mean by the pop ups about rounds? Or are there adds on the non-premium version? Because I use the premium so i wouldn't know

Agreed. The developers are idiots and have royally fucked a good idea. 

You should get 2 extra troops at the start of the game, but not 2 troops your first turn for your capital.  And giving players who start later more troops fucks things too.  Whoever goes 6th gets 8 troops to ruin someone's game before it even gets started. It's ridiculous. 

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