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Cheaters - "Reuban Cakes 21" (GM) & "Glory Epping 21" (Master)

Beware of these two collaborating cheaters.  Either its the same person or obviously work together.  I have seen them before and didnt realize until it was too late or i would have booted them from my game.

Check out the pics!

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Hi, everybody! Unfortunatelly, to keep a good rank and win a game now is how lucky you are to get fair partners. So many cheaters, especially among masters and grand masters - you can't fight against it. To loose 70,000 positions during one day is very easy; to get them - big luck. So you are loosing your time and get negative emotions when you're handled. A lot of these cheaters are so fucking stupid like children with some junky tactics. Good luck, everybody but I don't play any more!
They’re banned, but you should report cheaters in-app first, and if you’d like to hear back from SMG just fill out a Support Ticket -Luci
I did report them in the app as well. Thank you for banning them.

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