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Xarion Rex 25 (Grandmaster) cheating by collaboration

Having played well over 1000 games and painstakingly reaching the rank of Grandmaster without cheating it is sad that this happens. Whilst hosting a 6 player Capital non-alliance game I was suspicious from the off when Xarion Rex 25 and Sarah Saber 10 (beginner) were placing their troops. Once playing for 7 rounds they neither attacked any of their countries and whilst Xarion was establishing a good holding in Australia Sarah's game seemed to stop me from progressing. They then both closed in on the capitals I held taking turns to attack me. Once the human and x2 computer opponents were illuminated they trapped me preventing me from gaining a card again never attacking each other. Finally once Xarion had finished me off I chose to spectate and Sarah made no effort to attack Xarion and Xarion had free reign to plough through the remaining capitals to win the game. I have attached screenshots to hopefully show this. As a keen Risk player both online and the board game it really infuriates me that people feel the need to cheat to reach a higher rank. Regards, BungyRN
(1.7 MB)
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