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This game is complete bullshit!

I honestly don’t know why I bother playing it. It is so skewed toward some players, it is impossible to call it random. I have had games where I have lost several favored attacks in a row, then my opponent will dance right through any defenses I have set up like they’re nothing. My log will frequently look like this: Me attacking- 8vs4 - loss 4vs1 - loss 3vs1 - loss 2vs1 - loss 2vs1 - WIN! YAY! 2vs1 - loss Opponents turn- 7vs6 - win! 5vs4 - win! 3vs2 - win! 3vs3 - win! 2vs1 - win! 2vs1 - win! 2vs1 - win! 2vs1 - win! 2vs1 - win! Sending in a support ticket is useless, as they just reply with “hey random shit happens” every time. One guy one time said “yeah, I can see in your attack log you’ve had some tough luck...” Yeah, thanks buddy. It isn’t luck, your game is bullshit. Everything random and even for everybody, I could see. But almost every match I am in, my opponent is having their game of the year! Success in every low probability attack, success in defending most or all of my high probability attacks, starting out with all but one territory of a continent occupied by themselves, while I’m scattered across the entire board. It’s not just luck. Something is off with this game.
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Check this out! Here I lose 5 out of 6 attacks in a row. 5-4 attack = 65% favorite. I lost. 3-1 attack = 97% favorite! I lost. 2-1 = 78% favorite. I lost. 3-1 = 97% favorite. Risk let me win one of them! 2-1 = 78% favorite. I lost. 2-1 = 78% favorite. I lost. So these 6 attacks where I should have lost maybe 2 or 3 troops and captured 6 territories, I instead lost 14 troops and captured 1 territory. This is a small sample of the ridiculously lopsided bullshit I face when playing this game.
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