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Inequitable dice rolls

What's with the inequitable rolls? It's pretty obvious in a lot of games that the AI is biased toward one player or another. 3-1, 5-2, and 6-2 rolls are lost WAY more than the percentages. 5-2 is well over 50% loss (I'm 5, attacking 2). It's crazy.

Im with ya..seems lately since new update im losing unreasonable amount of what should be easy battles. Losing 9 attacking a followed directly by 7 losing to a 3.
Yes, once the game decides who wins, it’s impossible to overcome that. Unless you luck out and your opponent loses internet connection or something. I’ve lost 5+ high-probability (70% or higher) attacks in a row, only to have my opponent win several low-probability attacks immediately after. I lose attacking 2-1 more than my opponents lose attacking me 1-1. The swings are insane when stuff like this happens. I’ve messaged support about how uneven it can be, and I get back “what is your problem here?” Lol Almost every time I try to break into an opponent’s continent, or take the last territory to seal up my continent, I lose that battle unless I’m 90% or higher to win. Even then, sometimes I lose. 3-1 attacks are supposed to be 97%, and I lose them frequently. 2-1 attacks are supposed to be 78%, I lose them at least 50% of the time. More so if I’m attacking a completed continent or trying to complete one myself. This game is insanely lopsided. Here’s a screenshot of one of my favorites. My opponent had just attacked me and won several low probability attacks. I tried to finish off Australia. I had 3 armies on Western Australia, 2 on New Guinea, and 3 on Siam. My opponent had 1 on Indonesia. I attacked Indonesia from all three territories and lost every time. This is just a sample of the ridiculous mess I have all the time with this game. I KNOW how to play this game. The only people that beat me are the ones that get ridiculously lucky. I’m tired of people having their ‘game of the year’ against me daily.
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