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Risk bug or hack?

OK, maybe I’m going crazy, but this is the second game I’ve played where huge bonus armies mysteriously show up. The game I just played was progressive bonus on classic board. There were four of us playing. We were at bonus level 20 armies when one player went from 60 armies to 110 in one turn! I thought that I maybe just somehow missed something. Then after this player defeated two other players I took my turn. I cashed in my cards and as I cleared the board I began to run out of armies, so I quit. The screen sort of flickered and lo and behold I suddenly had an extra 44 armies! 22 each in Alberta and Eastern Canada. This happened a week back when another player seemed to double their armies from around 50 to 100 in a single turn, well beyond the bonus. Clearly there is either some glitch or some players have found a hack to increase their armies, though cheating wouldn’t explain why I got bonus armies too (I can barely write HTML never mind hack an app ).
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This just happened to me a few minutes ago. I had less than 100 troops then as the strongest player was attacking me I suddenly see that I have 113 and 114 troops somewhere in Africa, both territories where I previously had 1 troop.
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