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Stuck on Processing Results... after victory

 I never know with Risk:Global Domination whether to blame a player for cheating after the game hangs (there is no option to do this) or blame the developers.

There is no forum topic for this even though its happened to me countless times - after I WIN a game, the screen says 'Processing Results...' forever. I turn the iPad off and on again, and its  my turn. There is nobody to fight. Often I have six or seven cards now, and the game tells me to pick three. I can't. Now I'm stuck on the card selection screen. After 80 seconds, this is overlaid by the 'Inactive for 80 seconds screen. With so much cheating and bugs going on in this game, I have no idea how to overcome these problems. We get punished with demotion if we accuse a cheater though it was the developer's fault. There is no 'bug found - AGAIN!' button or automated message telling us that its been noted. We simply lose game points and get demoted every time there's a fault, even after a one hour game. Am I truly the first person of hundreds of thousands of players to notice this? Or does a moderator come along and remove these bug complaints? Its hard to know - there is a lot of corner-cutting going on with cheap servers and massive bug issues.

I had this happen to me once in about 500 games. It was a hard fought hour long game against higher level opponents. So it was frustrating that the game did not complete. But 1 in 500 is not bad.

Yeah, but there's at least one error per game. Lost Connection, Host has cancelled the game, etc. Often these errors happen near the start or middle of the game - not at the end after victory. I get this particular error once in every hundred games. That IS bad.

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