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Anyone read this forum ?

So long ago since anyone wrote here....but then, it takes so long for SMG to reply to tickets... Im do fed up with wait, ive decided to delete the app instead. By the way....anyone notice the way "random" events such as card draws follow a very distinct pattern, depending on which player has the advantage....especially when the game gets down to the final 2 This game has become completely predictable . It would help players were made to stay in tgeir open game. There should be no AI takeover and a player that quits a game early should have a 'lock-out" for the remainder of the game from any game. Ah well....thanks for reading. Goodbye all
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To be honest we've been managing the forums badly. We've focussed on support tickets and the Discord and FB communities.

To address the cards there is nothing shady going on it's random cards. 

We cant force people to stay in games

But we will be changing it when someone leaves they become dormant vs AI controlled. Which will fix some issues



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