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When someone hands you a game, don't be a childish winner

I was just in a game with a beginner (Nov Plus) - Schlitzer4K - an expert and some nov.  I wasn't the host or to the two  noobe would never have been in my game.

The Nov suicided me on the first turn and went  inactive.   At the end it was down to the Nov Plus, Schlitzer4K , the expert and me.  I got tired of playing and basically suicided the expert, handing the Nov Plus the game.

The little piece of crap Schlitzer4K then proceeds to taunt me in finishing me off, with the tongue emoji and slowly building up around me rather than just finishing me off.   Even on the last turn he surrounded me with 99, 57, 4 and 6 to my 4.    But he played a game with me trying to finish me off.

I'd never done anything to this little sh-thead in the game, barely even going near him.   Yet  he finished like a complete child.    

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Just quit the game
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