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FIXED - The cream will eventually rise to the top, a little too abc for my liking tho...

PROGRESSIVE - It is a massive crap-shoot in lots of ways BUT it's definitely the more skillful as well. awareness of cards/troops and levels has to be bang on to get that most important element right, and thats TIMING, ALL ABOUT TIMING, Can't Play like fixed and u will die, alot!!! whats more, die without doing, anything which irritates the life outa me,wanna play not watch!

so for me it's progressive, even though the swings can be insane, master to beginner and back again in a day! it's still the most skillful game....


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I play both. More fixed than progressive but they are definitely different. With progressive there is a lot more card management both your own and monitoring others. A well timed takeover and card collection and you can run the table. But so can it go against you as well and you may be powerless to prevent it. So you are correct that there are a lot more ups and downs with progressive. Fixed typically doesnt have the ups and downs as much. Slow and steady, sometimes too slow. Different strategy.
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