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Dear Cheaters

Since cheating seems to have gotten a lot worse lately, I'd like to address the cheaters. What are you getting out of it? You dont really win anything by cheating. You aren't proving you're actually good. All you're proving is that you are such a sore loser and suck so bad that you can 9nly win by cheating. And you get nothing in return. Why dont you try playing the game honestly and learn to be better instead acting like a spoiled, entitled brat.

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More and more people download the game.  They realise the only way to win is to cheat.  So they cheat.  It's a vicious cycle

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If they do cheat, please report it. Also, feel free to send us a support ticket. We investigate all cheating tickets that come in, and reward ranking points for those that do lead to account bans. We handle bans most working days of the week!

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I do. But I have yet to see any proof that its helping. I still deal with cheaters in 60-75% of the games I play.

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