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Does the game punish you for getting promoted?

I've been on the promoton Yo Yo lately.  I slog and slog to get promoted, then I lose two in a row and and demoted for what seems like weeks.   The losses are always bad - someone quits/doesn't confirm and the computer comes after me like I slept with its wife, the dice are bad, the board is bad, the cards are bad, etc

Is it me or does the system have a programming feature that punishes players who are recently promoted?   Has anyone been promoted and actually won a couple of games immediately after?

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I have noticed the same pattern. If I happened to play a few good runs, and made it to 10k ranking or lower I  usually experience several disastrous games which push me back to 20k or so. Once I went up all the way to beginner rank. When I reach master rank, I try to be extra careful, but nothing seems to help. There is always a suicidal madman who attacks me even if I leave him alone. For example if at the beginning of the game my armies are mixed with someone else's  in Africa and SA, I move my armies to SA,  and consolidate them in Venezuela and I take the whole SA. Effectively I hand over Africa to that other player. So, after I take SA and leave Brazil undefended because the game is in second or third round and I don't have enough armies to protect both entrances, that guy makes a bold runt and takes whole Africa, but barely. He had three armies in west Africa left at the end of the run and instead of appreciating my cooperation, he attacks Brasil and takes it over. No logic whatsoever in doing that. What good is whole Africa to him if he has a single army in each country and he maddened me by taking Brazil unnecessarily. That crazy stuff usually happens after I advance in the ranks. Maybe a coincidence and maybe not.

I thought this might be prejudice against higher ranks. The only truly safe place is Australia, as we all know, where you can camp until everyone murders one another, then we can swoop in like the vultures that we are.

I get the feeling that when the message pops up that says 'The host cancelled this game', the host had a bad spreads and wants to reboot. I don't know if the host is penalised for surrendering - is it surrender if the host does it? Why doesn't he just continue as a bot like the rest of us? Im gonna host a game and find out if this is a legal cheat...

This forum wont let me edit? I just wanted to change 'spreads' to 'spread'. I dont trust the staff at SMG to be in control of hundreds of thousands of people. Restaff.

Its just you. We all go on good runs and bad runs. It just happens.
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