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Cheating seems to be worse

I read in a Recent update that cheating will be cracked down on... but after playing some games this evening,it actually seems to be worse.

Lambert the Sneaky 15 and Kirbyshield13 just engaged in some pathetic cheating.  Joke. 

Yes real bad . Bad enough I've shataderd 2 phones.. I'm not a sore looser but it pisses me off something bad to be cheated and watch the collaberaters put fu#___- smiley faces up and not being able to say shit or do anything about it at all .there needs to be a in game chat option .. they say it would help the cheaters but it would also help the ones that aren't either.. put some control in the hands of the players .. they have tried it with out in game chat this long it's only worse so now try it with it .. I bet it gets better.. bet it would...
We need some way of communicating with each other period ... I'm truely appolgize to any players I've just randomly messed their game up but I've been cheated so much that I just start busting on who ever.. I don't watch the names anymore .. but until I start receiving respect and farness or better yet being able to chat with my fellow non cheaters it is how I will keep playing... It is stupid to have a Alli button or option when you can not convers with your Ally in fact it causes more problems in the game .. if you aren't able to understand we ate Ally's so if I have to take out a couple of your players to achieve our goal then that is the how it go,s .. untill I can read your mind and you read mine it will keep going like that or until they put some in game chatting to help the situation .. at least at the start of the game every one could see where each other stand.. if they ate worried about turning into a slang game . All that needs to be done is write in the program no offensive words .. just like Google's safe serch browser.. same thing and will work the same.. so let's get it going SMG because I'm done playing untill something is done I'll stream my own games on windows mixer where we can chat.. so any one that wants a clean game go to mixer and look for trouble and risk you'll find a clean game there if you cheat your blocked that easy.. so don't come with a attuide.. cuz we will make you lose it there.. and also have to come with a new profile.. novice after it's proving that you want a clean game keep your other profiles else where.
Fixing the cheating should be SMG's #1 priority!! This whole thing doesn't work if people don't trust the integrity of the game. Wouldn't a simple fix be to just hide the names of all the players before the game begins? Maybe I'm missing something, but if a person is playing with 2 accounts, collaboration depends on them being able to join the same game, but if they don't know who else is in the game, they won't know which game their other account is in. I'm sure people who REALLY want to cheat could still find a way around this but it would make it a lot more difficult and time consuming to get 2 accounts in the same game and hopefully will dissuade most of them. The best solution would be to use a match-making algorithm like many other games do, but obviously that's a lot more work to create. Hopefully SMG is already working on this.
That's a real good idea except like me I'm sure there others that can tell who a person is by the style of play.. witch mine haz changed dramatically over the past month for the worse I hate to say.. but I'm losing all respect for the game and induvidles on the platform playing.. there is no stragey in putting every one of your troops on one space and blowing threw a army of 10 with a army of 30 or better .. and I don't get it by just one player I get it from the whole board they will not go against each other it me against them and it is B's .. I can't stand a liar cheat of thief .. and if any comes my way I take care of it.. but this situation is different all you can do is get mad and stew about it.. that is tomuch stress to put in to something that is as lil as a freaking game.. but back to wat you were saying Ive thought about it a bunch of times especially when you first open the game and it ask if it can know who you are .and if you say know you don't play.. why .even ask me a question that only has one answer .. makes no since .. I know something needs to be done cuz I'm just about done myself...
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