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RISK vs reward

Hi all, That's exactly what the the game is and I love playing it, have done for 25 years or so and this online/smg version as a whole is great game with some interesting and progressive new ideas. At the moment I'm generally at Master level but occasionally drop to expert. Saying no particular order....and apologies if it's been covered elsewhere. 1. Cheats- whether it be same player on 2 accounts or collaboration to specifically block and/or target others, you are very sad individuals, get a life. 2. Going last - somehow I find myself going last a lot, on some maps, by the time your turn comes you may have just 3/4 territories with 8/9 troops. *How about the last player gets an extra territory or army to start? 3. Dice rolls - seem to be getting better :) Went through a phase of 6/7 vs 1/2s and losing frequently, it's ridiculous when it happens a lot at the start. 4. AI. Sometimes they attack, sometimes they don't, irrespective of troup size or what they are against. *Especially when someone has an unguarded continent, is the unpredictable nature of the bot deliberate or a fault? 5. Alliances. - I can't now break the alliance it seems? Or it disappears automatically? Does it auto break upon being challenged? 6. Zombie maps - are a bit shit imo I'm sorry. 7. Fog of war - In all FOW modes I don't think there should be alliances available, it just helps the cheaters. Also, on the cards received not to colour code maybe? 8. Blizzards - small feature, but really makes an interesting game with the right placements, great little add on. 9. The way to select games is ace too, it shows when full and the filters are to the point, much better way to select games - nice one. 10. OK I'm done I think, cheers if you got through all that.

Wow, sorry guys but I definitely but breaks/spaces in all that thread, it just looks like a block of waffle now.

Great post- many of these topics are addressed, but good to see them from a long-time fan.

Cheating can be wiped out overnight by randomly placing players into games based on filter criteria.  Here's another way:  disclose to other players that two "Friends" are in the game at the same.

I'd love to see an "I know you're cheating" emoji (maybe pointing an accusatory finger)

I hate FOW - it's a cheater's playground.  

As for going last, I just played a game (which I created and was therefore punished by the computer), where I was last of 5.  We each started with 25 troops, randomly assigned, and by the time it was turn I was down to 10 troops.  Needless to say I didn't last three rounds. 

I feel like in those situations the loss shouldn't even count against you.  The ranking programme should be able to recognise that you got randomly screwed, and finishing last was not a reflection on how you played.

Agreed fella, I've just been done by a cheater again....I'm in yellow, have a look at screenshot
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