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Starting over From Novice (on purpose)

Every time there's a new update, I feel like the game becomes very cheatable - glitches and bugs that can be hacked, etc.   Additionally, the AI Skynet is continuing to make life hell on game hosts.  

After dropping three ranks in 36 hours of miserable play where I was facing colluders, bugs that froze games, disconnected me and last night actually declared me defeated after I'd finished a turn and fortfied, I've decided to delete my profile, forego any attempt to reattain my former rank, and start over from Novice.

I'm hoping this eliminates the "target on my back" issue for now, where Novs and Nov Pluses (crap beginners) decide I must die or equal ranked players decide to screw their peers.  I had countless games the past few days where I was among the final three, all in similar positions, and the third player decided to screw me and hand the game to the first.

It will be interesting.  So far I've won my first game as a New Nov.  I'm wondering if anyone else has decided to take this approach.

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