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Blizzard error

I have submitted a ticket because when playing Risk, Classic Europe, with Blizzards off, the game is putting a Blizzard in Northern Spain.

The problem with this is what is happening right now in the game I am playing. I have lost in the rest of Europe, but I have Portugal and Gibraltar. I can't get the winner on the other side of the Blizzard, and they can't get me. The player now has 896 troops, and I have 94, and there is no way to end it.

They responded to the ticket, but the ticket is not connected to my account, so I can only read their emails. Their emails indicate they don't understand the problem, because they are blaming it on the network provider, but, in my experience, this is certainly game programming, not network related.

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Ha ha, this is indeed funny! Have you faced this often?

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