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Computer AI cheats

If you create a game, the computer AI will certain go after the creator most of the time.  If you find this out, please submit a support ticket and let them know.  As of now tho, I have stop playing this game until this problem has been resolved!

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I always thought it was because I was a higher rank and the AI was offsetting my higher rank by attacking me unfairly but now that you mention it. You're absolutely right. It's because I was the creator of the game.
Didbyou mention this to help desk? The more peoples see this, two things will happen. People stop play game, or swap help desk. Thanks

The computer has been coming at me like I slept with it's daughter.  Always happens when a player drops out and is replaced by the computer/

Happens with me too!

AI keeps attacking me. It is always attacking me if my position is weaker than the opponents. That’s exactly the opposite of a conventional risk strategy (attack the stronger player)! For some reason my rank has dropped from ~5000 to >120000! People need to stop playing this game or they will not make an effort to improve it!
Yep still going on more after the update. Help desk not replying, only means one thing I guess they dont believe us.
Now it makes sense and i was wondering

I had even worse happen to me today:  the AI awarded itself almost 40 armies when it wasn't even it's turn!  I am positive of it, because Red was playing, Yellow turn next, then me.  I was planning on taking down yellow when all at once two of Yellow's countries that only had a couple of armies each jumped up to 20 and 22.  And not even on it's own turn!

Wait until someone leaves the game, then both AI will come after you.
I am stopping to play this game! I have filed a support ticket and what have they done - they just deleted it ha

There is one way to keep the AI from attacking you until the end.  Create a board with only two players.  Once the other player gets down to almost nothing, they will leave and the computer AI jumps in at the end.  By this time, it's really too late.

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