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Keep losing connection in game at each players turn on a android galaxy s8

Lost connection durn each players turn. Think they quit when they decided I got to good of a start. I was about to have 4 continents when they had none and the zombies where decimating them. And the game froze when in process of taking 4 continent and taking last yellow players territory. Got it to continue and still frozen wouldn't let me fortify. Had to end turn and it timed out on yellows turn and was forever stuck on yellows turn. And in made go from expert to beginner:(

My games keep losing connection when I'm winning What gives?
Actually I made mistake lol forgot I upgraded to galaxy s9 lol they look exactly alike ha ha I have a theory about the disconnects folks can play us from their computers they can manipulate their wifi and make connections issues during your turn it happened to me yesterday and it obvious that is what was going on cause it only happened on everyone's turn except one player
Mine is iOS platform.
Same problem and similar issues. They have a bug and are ignoring fixing it. I updated and did not help.

Yes, that is happening to me and always when I am winning. The last two days in addition to losing connection, I have lost connection to come back into the game and my troops became the other players. All three times I was about to finish a player off.

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