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No Alliances!?

Is it just me that thinks disabling alliances (as per last update) is a disaster? How can you play effectively without the ability to make alliances? Bring them back ASAP please SMG!

They will bring them back, but in an updated way (possible alliance tiers). Just wait!

Not having alliances hasn't really affected my games at all.

Interesting. I’ve found players to be much more likely to attack me when formal alliances cannot be made. That’s true even if I otherwise display all the signs of an alliance (moving troops away from continent borders, not attacking them etc) and even when an alliance would appear beneficial to them. I’d say it levels the playing field between higher and lower ranked players, and I’ve found I’m losing many more games than I did when I could make alliances. I guess that could be viewed as as good or bad thing depending on which side of the (ranking) fence you sit! In my view, as a game of strategy, knowing when and with whom to make alliances, and when to break them is a critical part of Risk. It is to the significant detriment of the game to have removed them as an option. I hope SMG restores the feature in some form soon.

I think a lot of players (especially lower ranking players) don't really understand or care about alliances.  It used to happen to me all the time that I'd make an ally only to see them to build up troops on our common borders and sometimes attack me, even when it was a clear that an alliance would be advantageous for both of us and that I wasn't threatening them.

I agree that knowing when and with whom to make alliances and when to break them is a critical part of Risk.  But in my opinion being able to actually ask for an alliance isn't necessary.  Actions speak louder than words and that was just as true before as it is now.  Knowing who the useful allies are has always been about what they do, and not having the "request alliance" button hasn't changed that.  With that said, I'm not against having in game alliances but I don't see them as crucial.

As far as I'm aware, removing alliances from the game is only temporary and SMG will be bringing them back in an updated form.

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