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I’ve seen grandmasters and other players taking advantage of this game... somehow at the end of their turn, they hust attack at the last sec of their turn and as an act of magic, voilaaaa they got the doubleeee of their troops... that is fucking ridiculous and cheating!... please fix that crap or return my moneyyyyy cause I’m starting seen people doing it more frecuently and is pretty annoying.... anyone has seen this shit too?

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From what I can tell, this feature has been around a long time.  People are paying money for this game.  This is a simple glitch.  Why not fix it?

I try to use skill to win.  When I run into one of these pathetic cheaters, I have no choice but to exploit this glitch back at them, otherwise it is impossible to compete.  You can have over 800 armies in just a few turns.  This is incredibly stupid that I have to do this.

Most of all, people that cheat to win are miserable losers.  You have no intelligence, so you cheat.  Go jump off a cliff.  Everyone hates you, and no one respects you. 

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Yep, it sux..... Right now I am fighting with SMG studio to recover my 4000 points score while I start all over as a novice with 585,000 points! On the bright side in four days I’ve managed to get my score down 12,000 expert, and that’s with running into a couple cheaters
I just played 57Cliff57 - grandmaster and that's how he won! He had 3:1 armies over everybody inn less than 15 moves! My 63 to his 176 by then how could he lose??
Yeah I've seen cheaters and one of there usernames is marie macho 8 . I was attacking his troops and all of a sudden my troops became his. This has happened to me twice already. Something does need to be done about it.
Lol,yep. I’ve been trying to make grandmaster for almost a year now, and most of the games are won or lost when players are picked! Cheaters usually come in pairs, but if you see two grand masters waiting to play you, watch how they play because you’ll know soon enough. I’ve been virtually forced to create my own games and just choose one other player so it can be a fair contest at least

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