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Just Quit Cold Turkey-Here's Why

It''s a great game in concept, but it takes up way too much time with too little payoff.

The cheating is just incredible, and despite pleas and suggestions of ways to severely limit it, the developers have done very little but talk.  And why should they? Every cheater has multiple accounts and therefore spends more money.  People like cheating. Cheaters will continue playing.  

It is clearly in SMG's interest to allow and even tacitly promote cheating.  So they and the cheaters can have their game.  The final straw for me was being told the only way to report cheaters was via the App.  That's all well and good, but most cheaters block their victims.  If a player is blocked, you can't report them.

Add that to the bugs, the ridiculous dice, etc., and you've got a recipe for something that is simply unenjoyable.  Good luck, SMG.  I'll find something else to waste my time on.

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Just an FYI, you don't have to purchase the game again to get multiple accounts.  As far as I can tell, you can make as many accounts as you want having only purchased the game once.  So the incentive you pointed to for SMG allowing cheaters doesn't exist.

But I do completely agree with you about the in game cheater reports: they are essentially worthless.  If SMG doesn't allow "cheater" support tickets anymore just make "problem/bug" support ticket to report cheaters.  If everyone does this, maybe SMG will change back.  I've done exactly that and had very positive results.  In fact, every time I've contacted SMG about anything they've been very helpful.

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