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Cheating: (I'm going to provide all 3 of my names I play Risk under):

My Risk profile name is Richmond Justice 8.

However, sometimes you may see me as my real name via Facebook Steven C Conway.  The other name I have on here is tied to my Game Center name, in that case it is SCConway77.

I just wanted to get that out of the way.

Secondly, if you ever see a game with me in it (currently I am at the level of Master) you will find myself in the #1 spot with only the #2 spot available to play in as I filled 3 other spots with A.I. and left the 6th spot open....well MOST of the time.

That has helped me immensely because I didn't have to worry about being ganged up by people who were cheating so bad they weren't even trying to hide it.

So now it is just a game of 1 vs 1 with 3 or 4 "X" factors we call the A.I.

Playing this way just recently gave me my longest winning streak at 14 games in a row.  More importantly, for those that care, my rank a month ago was rated at over 100,000 points at the Novice level...yeah Novice...despite at one point blasting all the way up to Grand Master at one point.

Basically what I have found is playing vs 1 real person (doesn't even matter if they are high or low level, can give you a meteoric rise in the standings).

Let me put it this way, folks.  Since I changed my strategy of playing with mostly playing with only one other human and 3 to 4 A.I. standings score has shot up from the Novice level of over 100,000 to under 6,000 and a Master.

What level AI difficulty do you have it set to, easy?
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