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The points/ranking system

I have searched many posts and the FAQ here, but the points & ranking system still makes absolutely zero sense to me.

I have played the game long enough to notice my level goes higher the LOWER my points get.  Ok, I get that.

I also understand that specific points depend on not just wins and losses but who those wins and losses were against.

But, I'm sorry, but as people who have paid for the game, I think we deserve a little more info on how this works.  How many points do you get if you defeat/lose to an expert vs a novice?  How many points if you finish 3rd out of 6 players?  You know, things like that.

I'm not even asking for specific amounts...just a general guidance on it.

I'm honestly at the point now that I don't really think their is any rhyme or reason to the points thing at all, tbh.

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Bumping this up as it has been well over a month since I asked it and no answer.

Good luck getting an answer from these guys

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