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Why do I loss connection just before I win

It’s happened three times now, just as I get the upper hand suddenly I lose connection but unlike normal it does not try to reconnect and I end up forfeiting the game. Once we’ll thats the dongle twice now that’s irritating thrice and now I smell a rat

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You ever return to find your troops have turned to theirs? That's what usually happens after a suspicious disconnect while I'm winning!

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It’s happened 5 times in the past week my ranking has dropped too. I think there are certain players who have access to the platform because I noticed very strange patterns with the computer operated players as well. Like they start the game then whomever is operating them abandon them offline fir the computer to take o se then they literally act very deliberately like an ally with whomever is the person operating the other player remaining in the game. Then once I gained the advantage suddenly about to win, connection to game is lost abs it shows there isn’t even an attempt to reconnect. No one that works for smg studios is interested in stopping the cheaters. They don’t even answer questions when you contact them about it. People constantly use multiple players in the sane game. Their only attempt to control it is based on other people reporting them. The people cheating know is they just keep trading out players each time they won’t repeat the offense to get suspended. I’ve lost to people with the top rankings and the people were clearly cheating with multiple players but the owners of the site have no inclination to remedy it. So even when you do begin to win… lost connection gives you the loss on your record.
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