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Purple protected a 4 army red with a 12 set instead of killing him... I'm really tired of this BS game and cheating.

Cheating is so obvious- collusion between players most definitely one player controlling multiple opponents. I am starting to suspect that the AI is also controlled by hacking- have had several matches Once I reached “expert “- quickly slammed down to “intermediate “ rank where AI opponent surrounds me and just keeps building armies without attacking to get his cards- then I either attack and lose all my armies or if I don’t that AI either attacks his 20 vs my 19 which the AI never would do under non cheating matches when there is a 20 vs 3 or 20 vs 4 in another direction. Or i had a match where the same 20 AI moves away from me after 4-5 rounds and miraculously parks himself harmlessly next to a different opponent- then the human opponent( I only set up games with one human opponent to avoid all the rampant collusion matches) who has had no opposition and is super strong comes from across the screen to target and take me out. What a crap game. Why the company just cant let this be a nice honest game that a paying customer like myself just wants to enjoy as an honest competition Shame on all the sad losers who get a thrill artificially cheating their way to better rankings, and to the developers who i now see are in on the cheating scam. Pathetic.

> developers who i now see are in on the cheating scam

Like hell they are, come on. You really think they would set up large scale automated ban systems as well as manually banning thousands of players each month if that was true? Plus, there's going to be a rework of the system in January that will practically eradicate collaboration cheaters. Don't make baseless accusations, come on.

“....a rework of system in January....”? You don’t sound like someone with a vested interest/ developer at all! If you get all the RAMPANT cheating that hundreds and hundreds of fellow gamers have commented on over past few years, like me- then great- its long overdue

I'm not a developer. The developers and their community workers try their hardest to ban cheaters - This rework isn't *only* to stop cheating, it affects the whole setup so it's been thought out for a long time. Please have at least a little respect.

This game is so rigged- as soon as i get a rank that approaches expert- the collusion is rampant One color goes all out on my armies/ disregarding any tactical advantages, abandoning continents and hounds me- the second i try to evade- and turn towards the pre chosen winning color- the first color miraculously abandons his attack on me to let the other guy finish me off and get my cards As i have stated before- when i stick it out till the end and then do the spectate mode- the colluding goes in overdrive and all the teams lay back and let the one guy win The AI is DEFINITELY hacked or under control of some human as i see the same thing with the AI teams- and literally spectated the only “human” hit the “well played “ text to the AI team when is was down to the human vs.the AI. What a pathetic little victory these people gain- when most of us just want to play an honest game- which we PAYED for with a membership.

You're making entirely untrue claims and just saying ridiculous things, I'm not going to respond. There are cheaters sure but nobody is hacking the AI and the game is definitely not rigged. Thanks for the feedback.

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