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Cold streak

Wow, I can't win a game to save my soul!! I was up to expert, after 3 months or so. Today, *gulp* I was reduced to a mere beginner. I managed to salvage a "not dead last" win today, raising me to barely intermediate. Do others hit a cold streak like this where you cannot put up a win no matter what you try? Or, do I suck that bad? Lol.

I had the same problem and actually stopped playing for about a month because of it. I was a master and all of a sudden I just couldn't do anything. There were multiple games where I could not take over a territory on the first move of the game literally losing all my starting troops immediately leaving me defenseless and easily engulfed by the other players. I would lose 20 troops while trying to kill 2 enemies and so forth. I don't know if it was just a mathematical cold streak or the software but it sucks when you've basically lost the game on your first move!

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I never ever get handed a territory yet every single game someone gets Australia or South America in the first turn or two. I also kept a record of how often I'm able to trade in at three cards and it comes in at 7% of the time. 

I maintain an expert rating but I have to fight for it tooth and nail. I'm just one of those cursed types in life I think.

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That's a pretty good idea to keep track of the risk card percentage Jacob. I may adapt that to my gameplay. Good tip.
I bounce between Expert and Master. I’ve had 9 wins in a row and 16 loses in a row having played 1000 plus games. It happens. It’s a game of strategy, cunning, and deceit . No denying there is luck involved with auto troop placement, territory assignment and dice rolls, and the human factor. Sometimes you can’t catch a break to save your life.

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I feel your pain.  I have, on a few occasions, made it all the way up to the Master level (WITHOUT CHEATING) and generally fluctuated between intermediate and expert...but currently find myself back down to beginner (even hit novice briefly).

All of this since the June update.  I don't know what has massively changed to cause this.  My strategy seems fine.

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Yes, sometimes the die rolls are really off. I attacked Iceland from Greenland with 19 troops vs. 2 defenders, to prevent an opponent from gaining 5 armies. I blitzed, staggering into Iceland with one lone troop! I guess it's possible to roll that badly, but it does happen more than I feel it should compared to the actual board game with real dice. All we can do is keep wishes Steven Conway.

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There is no question that their dice are completely unrealistic.

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I’ve had a bad run recently but today a couple wins and I’m back. Who knows about tomorrow. You just have to keep playing and hope you can avoid the cheaters.

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I rarely use the blitz mode anymore...ESPECIALLY early on.  

My dice strategy is to roll all 5 (my 3 vs their 2) and regardless of if it is a win, lose, or draw, I immediately stop my attack of the territory and then immediately relaunch the attack.  It seems the dice keeps track of how many armies it destroys from each side, so it seems to default to try to keep it fairly even , at least as best as they can.  But withdrawing and then restarting the fight seems to "reset" that dice clock back to a normal setting for the next roll.  It has been a lifesaver!

For the far as hot and cold streaks go, my longest winning streak has been 10 games.  My longest losing streak was 13. lol

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