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Report button shortcoming

We can report our opponents now. It’s too early to be certain of the long-term impact of the feature, but I’ve noticed that I’m unable to report players if I am spectating. This seems very strange to me since spectating is by far the best anti-cheating feature SMG has added to the game. Before spectating was added it was more difficult to be certain if an opponent was cheating because more often than not the accounts in question were the last two in the game. So if a master ranked account had a won game against a grandmaster account you couldn’t see if the master stopped attacking and let the grandmaster win. But now if I see this behavior while spectating I can’t use the new report button just at the moment it would be best to use it. I think this will cause more players to use the report button before they really know if there was cheating in a game and help cheaters to avoid being reported. The main challenge SMG has to overcome with the report button is false reports from sore losers, trigger-happy players, curious players, trolls etc. So it is unwise to encourage early reports as it will only reduce the effectiveness of the report feature. While on the topic I think if players were allowed to spectate games they didn’t play in it would help to dramatically reduce cheating while encouraging freebies to pay up.
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