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Joining players sequence...

So originonally when I started a map so players could join I had to close out the joining spaces so I could work overtime to get to blue, as that is my color of choice. Colors are in no particular order or repeating sequence, to add to it, it throws this at you.. “red, yellow, purple, yellow, orange, yellow, purple, orange, purple, yellow, green, yellow, orange ,purple, blue.” Just to get to blue! Why are the colors not in place value order and just move: [red, blue, green, orange, purple, yellow]. Furthermore since the update mid June 2018 it is now impossible to remove the places preventing me to get to blue so I have to pretty much be the 3rd to join a game. I find this system moronic and very aggravating, I don’t understand why it was changed this way and I’m very displeased, I’ve paid for all add ons and still am almost ready to give up on the game. The color issue is upsetting but not the entirety of the problems, I understand probability and know my luck and how to play the game with different dice rolls but I feel like the odds should be more accurate, I know it’s supposed to be old muskets and whatnot but I feel like my guys are running in with sticks and rocks like the scotts. I’ve never seen anyone else struggle with 6/1 or 25/5 as much as I do and then they send 3/6 and bring both guys over. Between all that it’s hard to keep my patience long enough (1st round) to play a game..
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