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New Update has ruined the game

No more 3 player game?  The best way to guarantee no cheating is heads up plus one computer.  Not always my favorite but should for sure be an option.

Yes I agree completely
It’s now a joke of a game. I set up a new account to protect what I have with my old Grandmaster account, until another update comes out which allows 1 on 1 (with comps) games again. The last game was a classic example. It’s like the guy was controlling 3 armies (yellow, purple and orange). Take a look at this ludicrous board. I was Light Blue. Played it as well as I could but had no chance against 3 armies all collaborating to lock down one side of the board and never, ever attacking each other!!
I’m adopting a policy of naming and shaming, and to also warn others of who the cheaters are. Here are screenshots of the guilty players. As a reminder, I was light blue, green got taken out straight away (obviously was another poor bloke who made the mistake of joining the wrong game!!). Red I’m not certain was involved but strangely just hung around the bottom of Africa for ever and no one attacked Africa once he has it even though the border was all 1s. Again, utter joke!!!!!!
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