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Update has ruined the game

The latest update has ruined my game play. In particular why have it that a minimum of 4 humans are needed?? It has had no impact on reducing cheating. All that happens is that two friends take 2 spots and collude. I’ve played two games- both had a pair of cheaters. Second game couldn’t have been more blatant. Hardly attacked each other the whole game, with one doing the donkey work and the other reaping all the territories and continents! Be warned: ‘swglbs’ and ‘Henry Young’ are both cheaters, no doubt taking it turns to win. If they try to join your game, chuck them out! Well done guys. Feel proud of yourself? Did you cheat in your exams, on your wife, do you steal from old ladies? Pathetic!! I used to play just against one human and two comps as a way to eliminate any chance of this but now this is not possible. I’m now feeling very disillusioned. What’s the point in playing?? Yes, I can flag it in game but that won’t get my ranking points back. It’s taken me ages to get to grandmaster, all through fair play. I think I’ll be finding a better online version of the game to play!!

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Couldn't agree more. There's MORE cheating in requiring 4 humans. This update has totally ruined the game. It's not even worth playing anymore. Ridiculously poor decision on the update.
I’m not sure what you guys are talking about as far as the update ruining the game… All I can tell you is that now that the cheaters are forced into the open, I haven’t finished worse than second in the last week. Much thanks to the SMG guys For finally stepping up their game. I look forward to being number one in the world soon! (All right, I’d just be happy with making the top 500 once Before I die)
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