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Some features to consider that will mitigate cheating issues

 I have sent SMGSTUDIO support the below:

Regarding users teaming up against others and ruining their games (which i consider to be cheating), and based on my 20 years of experience of playing this wonderful game, it will be helpful if you guys considered implementing the following options and features:

1- Create a chatroom with words restriction - and that is more useful for people to communicate and at least team up against cheaters and also other things which can be more clearer

2- Add a filter that a user has an option that he/she can create a game which allows to play against users with the same ranking ONLY!!! no novice or beginners can join expert - master - grandmaster games, so that grandmasters play against each other and masters play against each other and so on

3- Add an option to view friend's rankings so that when we invite we know which ranking this users is

From my point of view, this will absolutely mitigate the issue of cheating and teaming up

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