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Impact of number of players in a game on ranking

I'm curious about how the number of players in a game might impact ranking. I saw the write-up on the ELO ranking system and all (only two mates can play chess last I checked). With risk, we all know winning a game with 6 players >> winning one with 4 players. And obviously the rank of those you place better/worse than has an impact as well. But all-things-being-equal, what's the difference between coming in 3rd/6 vs 2nd/4? Is it really as simple as you placed better than three intermediate players versus two intermediate players? If so, is placing 2nd/6 really comparable to finishing 1st/4?

It seems to me winning a game with 4 players is easier, but personally I enjoy games with 6 players more.

It's good to see the devs seem to take a feedback in stride and are constantly working on improving app. This game is so good.

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