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My thoughts on the new update

I’ve spent a lot of time playing risk and so of course I’m exicted about the new update. I played one game each of “Golden seventies” and “five round rumble” and taken a look at the new game filters. Overall my impression of the update is favorable but I still have unanswered questions and feel that it could have gone further. Golden seventies has me trying to capture 70 percent of the territories on the board and seems well done but I do wish that instead of (or in addition to) displaying the percentage of territories each player controls it showed the number of territories and the target number. On the classic map that would look like 20/30 instead of 20/42 as in global domination. As for five round rumble I have not seen an explanation of how to win that game type. All the emphasis seems to be on game duration instead of telling me the objective. I guess it might be to control the most territories since that fits the pattern of the other two game modes but I am not sure. Also the App Store and Risk News section refer to the game type as 5-Rounds-Rumble but on the game list and create game screen it’s 5-Round-RAMBLE which doesn’t make sense unless it refers to the aimless and confused nature of gameplay which results from not knowing the objective. I’m confident it is a mistake. As for the filters they’re good but I still want to be able to filter by rank. The information about the update also mentions new anti-cheating features. A quick glance at the leaderboard shows little change but I hope that will come with time. The update is a step in the right direction it improves the game with filters and expands it’s horizons with new game modes but still leaves more to be desired.

Looks like they've finally taken forward steps to fix this game. Might have to start playing again
Welcome back Chris!
You'd think the question mark next to the game type would explain what the heck the objective is. Anyways, this game will remain mediocre until the AI is fixed to put more weight on both: A) The number of cards held by a player -- it's ridiculous to watch the computer not touch another computer player who could be easily knocked out + holds 4 risk cards B) Disrupting a continent bonus
I’ve since confirmed with SMG that the objective is to capture the most territories. But they dropped the ball on explaining that in the app. As for the AI they are lame but playing online is fun.
Thank you secta. I haven't played yet, but maybe we could run a game this weekend?
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