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To many players logged on to multiple accounts

This is 1 of the many things I dislike about this game but this is the main one. I think you guys need to figure out a way to prevent players from being able to log onto a game with more than one account it’s not even fun half the time playing because I’m defending five different colors when they’re not attacking each other It’s bullshit I consider myself a pretty decent player grandmaster in the game but Other people are taking the fun out of it thank God I haven’t bought the damn app yet on top of it being one of the more expensive apps I’ve ever seen with a lot of the fault that you guys carry get your tech people to tighten up and get shit right
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There are many posts on the forum about this. We are working on measures to automate cheating investigations. But as of now, whenever encountering these players, grab their names and send it on through in a cheating report.

- Phillip@SMG