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Dear SMG, what the hell?

I just saw the news letter on the RISK game about voting between two maps, and it was implied that the losing map would be removed from the game... yall do realize that one of the maps was free and the other cost money, right? And yall do realize that the least popular maps are the acrtic circle map and the Mediterranean map, right? I just don't understand how you landed on these two maps to be voted on, they are both good maps and neither should be removed.... so please help me out here and tell me - what the hell?

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The news link within the game states "Two maps enter, one map leaves." I SURELY HOPE that SMG isn't going to pull a boneheaded move and REMOVE one of the maps that I PAID FOR!
I would like to correct my previous statement; I was mistaken about which maps were to be voted on. Turns out that it's the pirate MAP PACK vs the new American city MAP PACK, which has me scratching my head even harder. I can understand voting just to see which are more popular, but to insinuate that the losing map pack will be removed is baffling... @SMG can you please shed some light on this situation please?

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SMG replied to my comment over on their Facebook page: "Nono, just finding out what the favorites are "

As has been said, there was never any intention to remove any maps. That would be silly.


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Silly indeed, hence my confusion. However you must admit that the statement "two maps enter, one map leaves" can easily be misinterpreted... but I digress, I'm glad to hear that no maps will be removed.

Phil - seeing as SMG does so many silly things... you can't blame people for assuming the worst!

Is there a chance of an update soon - or will you continue being silly lol?!

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