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What are the secret achievements?

Does anyone know? On Android if that's applicable. I've got 6 left, not sure if I've unlocked any already.

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Just found one:

Swashbuckler (3,000 pts)

Defeat 5 expert computer players in a single game of the Skull & Crossbones map or the Blackbeard's Wrath map

Here's another:

Global Gamer (1,000 pts)

Win 25 "Play Online" multiplayer games

The description is wrong though, you actually need to win 35 online games.

Another one:

International Champion (2,000pts)

Win 100 Play Online multiplayer games

I've only got 1 secret achievement left, I'm not sure what some of the other ones are that I've already got.

Actually that last one should be 3,000pts

I have NEVER seen any achievements section in the game... this in the paid app. Where does one see their achievements within the game???

Click your name on the Home screen, then the Achievements button below:


Strange... I don't see that button (?).
I've won more than 200 online games , played more than 1000 hrs still secrets are not revealed
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