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Multiple Accounts people

Lately theres been these two particular individuals, one a grandmaster the other a expert, they wait for a intermediate over above to join and then hurry and kick out everyone else, making it 2 on 1... the expert then precedes to shadow me while the GM just takes all the territories.... this has happened to me 3 times with the same two doing it now and it's getting annoying as hell... make games at minimum 4 players so that people cant just hurry and click play... because some guy running around with 2 accounts in a 2 on 1 scenario is impossible to beat... i believe the GMs name is Blitz Periculo 7... idk the experts... but it's getting annoying as f. Fix this!

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There is a player playing every game with same account xerip3 and xerip please ban both 25 and 29 win streak. All using two devices.

I had several cases of people having 2 - and in one case 3 (GM) - accounts, that covertly, until a point and pretty obviously at the end assisting a player to win. After loosing I became a spectator and I saw the fake one just sitting back and getting beaten by the other one.

Several things can been done for this to stop:
1) Have a validation system for those who host to be able to have the option to accept only validated players
2) Have a player "ban" system similar to the "friend" system
3) Have an in game forum
4) Have a player to player rating system
5) Have a way to report a game that you believe cheating took place
6) Have a well defined official set of  rules of what constitutes fair play and what is cheating
That is what I have come up with, I'm sure people can add more and better suggestions than these but for sure something needs to be done!!!
Personally I am disgusted to see "Experts" and "GMs" out there who can't play RISK to save their life!!!
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