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there are bastard users palying with multi accounts and smg studio does nothing


 Alton McGruff 7 and Orval Muttonchop  7 are controlled by same user protecting the main account Alton McGruff 7. 

after all arrivals defeated orval muttonchop 7 stops playing until main account alton wins.

another account 

master vena judgement 2 and his sub account : mr. linkonberry1234

mostly all master degree players have multi accounts.

I call SMG studio to investigate all same ip players. 

f.cking these cheaters are generaly creater of the game and they mostly create 4 player game and one of them is the main account and master or g. master. the other is probably master or intermadiate. 

do no enter these 4 player games or even you create 2 account for that type of bastards and play 2 against 2. 

Funny I've run into one of these situations 2 master accounts playing suspiciously well together protecting each other completely. What did I do? Being ranked as a master myself I beat them both in one turn.
I had several cases of people having 2 - and in one case 3 (GM) - accounts, that covertly, until a point and pretty obviously at the end assisting a player to win. After loosing I became a spectator and I saw the fake one just sitting back and getting beaten by the other one.

Several things can been done for this to stop:
1) Have a validation system for those who host to be able to have the option to accept only validated players
2) Have a player "ban" system similar to the "friend" system
3) Have an in game forum
4) Have a player to player rating system
5) Have a way to report a game that you believe cheating took place
6) Have a well defined official set of  rules of what constitutes fair play and what is cheating
That is what I have come up with, I'm sure people can add more and better suggestions than these but for sure something needs to be done!!!
Personally I am disgusted to see "Experts" and "GMs" out there who can't play RISK to save their life!!!


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