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The Latest Update Is Awesome !!

Downloaded the update which came out today and played my first game... so far, so good! Was worried they would screw things up lol - but they didn't! Go SMG!

So I've been playing for months - and in EVERY game, suffered the dreaded "Lost Connection" problem at least 2 or 3 times, and often, over a dozen times... but today, for the first time ever, NO Lost Connection! Hallelujah!

If this issue has been fully and permanently resolved - then I think it will remedy over 50% of the bugs and complaints people have with the game... shame it wasn't fixed much sooner!

Then the big new feature - continuing to watch the game even after you have been defeated!

I played kinda recklessly so that I end up getting killed (and also to see if the dice had been improved!) and as soon as I died - a "Spectate" button appears in the bottom left corner... press it and you go back in to the game to see how things play out

And it works flawlessly = Excellent! Why on earth didn't SMG think to have this feature from day one though!

Also, after the game ends - a box comes up saying "Processing Results" which immediately updates your online stats! No more waiting 24 hours for your Rank to get updated = Sweet! 

Unfortunately, the dice, which is the biggest issue of all - has clearly not been looked at... hopefully it is being worked on as we speak though!

Overall, SMG have done a great job as the latest update is a major step forward - and doesn't seem to have any glitches (yet lol!)

Yeah, I know it's kinda crazy to praise them for (finally!) producing a game which is not fundamentally broken lol!

Anyway, looking forward to many more updates - which I trust will arrive on a rapid and regular basis from now on!

Thank you so much for the kind words. We couldn't do it without you all sending in bug tickets. We appreciate the support!

- Phillip@SMG

I always used to think the dice were fair I believe they were at one time reasonable representations of actual risk. But I am not so sure after this update. They seem to heavily favor the defender in my small sample of 10 games since he update. Attackers roll three die and so they should win most battles where they outnumber the defender and have over about 4 or 5 troops. And even when outnumbered the attacker should win most very large battles if they have anywhere near as many troops as their opponent. But it seems unless you significantly outnumber the defender you are taking a huge risk by attacking now. I think the outcome spread does not reflect actual probabilities but of course I can't be sure with so few games.
Latest release is awful! Win the game and get stuck in the game and have to quit and then lose! If it's not the dice algorithm that makes you lose its the new bug. Shockingly un acceptable.
Many issues remain. Games freeze at the end after you win. Too many problems trying to play this game
I haven't even gotten to spectate yet because it always crashes & the connectivity issues haven't been fixed at all

Yeah, I spoke too soon lol

If I'm right - there seem to have been Four updates in August...

The first was a major upgrade which brought the Spectate function etc 

Then a second came out a couple of days later - which I think only added the half price offer for Premium... but many people had issues with that after paying lol

Then a third update - which I think was a fix for the problem with the second 

Then finally a forth update - to fix an issue with games not completing

I was worried that SMG would add one thing - but break another lol...


After downloading the first upgrade and playing a couple of games - it did appear that the Connection problems had been resolved... but no, they still exist, including the Waiting For Host issue

Also - I've noticed that Rank stats don't always update immediately after the game that still needs addressing too

So, on reflection - this update was definitely Not awesome lol

Lets hope that September brings some better news!

Does this depend on your system? I use iPad Air 2 with virtually no issues and never drop connection etc. Occasionally I will accidentally swipe out of the app and re entering isn't always easy or possible... frustrating when I'm winning! But... user error. I used to play on an android phone with poor reliability but I'm very happy with everything. There ought to be a "stop spectating" button though!!

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Your game used to be fun, but it absolutely sucks, you can keep the 7 bucks, I don't plan on playing your shitty game anymore, 15 armies attack 30 armies and win bullshit bullshit bullshit keep the 7 dollars, I'll find something fun to play
Hey team smg nobodies unhappy c'mon your lucky to satisfy 70 percent of your customers, I don't see any of the 30 percents comments, I'm sure I won't see mine, game freezes up, game starts over 3/4's of the way through
Your game sucks, what a waste of time

Is it true that SMG no longer accepts tickets for reporting cheaters?  That in game report function is definitely not enough.  For one, you have to make the report during the game before you're taken out.  So if you decide to spectate (often a crucial time to observe definite cheater behavior) before you make up your mind about whether someone is a cheater, you can't then report them.  So you necessarily have to report them before you collect all the evidence.  And if it turns out you're wrong you get ranking points removed (as is warned on the in-game report option).

I'd like to be able to report someone who I reasonably suspect of cheating without a fear of losing ranking points if I'm wrong.  I get that this is supposed to discourage people from knowingly falsely reporting people as cheaters, but it could also punish someone for making an honest and reasonable mistake.

Being able to report cheaters in a ticket is much better.  You can lay out your reasoning and provide evidence of your suspicions, and crucially you can spectate to see how the suspected cheaters behave when everyone else is gone.  SMG would also get more information and better be able to confirm or deny reports of cheating.

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I just sent a detailed cheating message to SMG's Risk page on Facebook (via private message) myself.  Problem with the function of reporting cheaters on here is many times I'm not 100% certain until after I'm eliminated and proceed to watch the rest of the game to observe the behavior...but the moment you are eliminated, you no longer even have the option to choose the cheating report option anymore.

Oh, I also copied the message as a new cheating post on this forum and it is awaiting approval for it to post as I included screenshots and such.

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