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Strategies and Tactics

What are your favourites? I'll kick this off.... When to cash in territory cards in fixed bonus games? I usually always cash in if I have cavalry or better, keeping an eye on any other cards I might be holding to see if I can capture to get a further bonus down the line. Northantsovich-GM

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Mexico. Early survival technique. Access to NA, SA, and Africa.
In progressive games I recommend following the general rule of turn in your first set at 5 cards but always turn in as soon as possible after the sets get up to 20. Not all games develop neatly though so be situationally aware. Also I’m wondering is there any strategy to large fixed games? My account for that game type is master ranked but I don’t really follow any kind of strategy. I just play and try to reach a situation I can win from.

I only trade if it will gain me 10 or 12 troops, but only using Artillery if I badly need the troops. Otherwise just when I have a set of different cards. However if I get a 4th card the same, I will trade.

As for strategies, Australia is always a good shout if you can get in there. Otherwise just slowly build up an army somewhere (anywhere), taking 1 territory at a time, so as to not provoke anyone into attacking you (and thereby attacking other players) until you have enough to split up the army and take (and crucially HOLD) that continent.

Also, be willing to ADAPT to changing circumstances. Move continent if you have to! Don't commit suicide or martyr troops by attacking a player when you don't have enough to continue to hold your territory. If someone looks as though they're about to attack you, move your troops out of harm's way and just let them take the 1 instead of 25.

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Referring to Fixed Bonus, not progressive, in my first point.

Another tip: ally with everyone right at the start of the game! :)

Thanks Danny your advice is helpful and appreciated. One thing I have found is that people will fight over continents early on and Australia most of all. I try let them fight each other and pick off the weak ones while going for the unwanted continent.
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