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Start a list of alt acct players here

Post players who are using two accounts to win. Be fair in your posts, being ganged up on is not the same thing. Take this player for example : (master rank) SeriousHafling26016 and his at acct minion. They worked together to take me down from the start of the game, and when I was all but finished, the players intermediate minon took a dive, suiciding all its forces, allowing an easy win for this bottom feeder

It would be far more effective if you just sent your cheating reports in as support tickets. Then we have them on file and can investigate them properly. Players posting cheating reports on the forums just means we have to jump around to several places to find cheating reports.



I think there is a good reason to have a thread like this. Of course cheaters should be reported to SMG using a support ticket but that doesn't prevent other players from being caught in their scam games. Even after disciplinary action has been taken cheaters will still often use the same accounts. If in addition to making tickets people who observed cheating named the cheaters here it might help others avoid their games. Yes there could be false accusations so I would advise that readers keep in mind who posted about alleged cheating and make their own decision about whether to take the report seriously.

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Wyg4 and 'jules831' are the same person or a collusion group. Those accounts never attacked each other and just worked together. Watch out Chris Currie because they play the same games you do fixed six player on pirate skull map.

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=Lake 41= is a big time cheater. Also Parker Cosmo 4 (aka lotiwin) and secondary Tiger Trenchard 4 are different cheaters.
Slate Skulls 8, and Hester Ward 4
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