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Progressive or Fixed?

I'm a beginner player and am trying to figure out which form of game I like playing more. Sometimes fixed takes way too long, but I can't seem to grasp the concept of progressive yet. I always loose. I'm much better at a slow fixed game, maybe that's just how my brain works? Not sure. When I play progressive I never can seem to build an army up, and always have another player who reps up the counts way too fast. I was building up a decent rank playing only fixed games, then started playing progressive in order to have faster games... my fixed games were close to 2 hours long and I have a family... And got demoted... It's disheartening. Not sure if someone knows a strategy I can try, or if I should just stick to fixed games.
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Oh and when i try to practice against the computer, they are too easy on expert and don't learn anything.
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