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Cheat one person using two accounts

I have figured out how t become a grandmaster by CHEATING!!! I just witnessed obviously cheating game play where the I believe the same person was playing two different characters could this be possible for example if I had a different account on iPad and also phone and and joined the same game. The way the two players supported one was very obvious a little annoying but cleaver way to cheat. Thoughts

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That's true. I have experienced this kind of cheating several times that a grandmaster and a novince make a game with 1 or 2 other persons using 2 accounts that obviously belong to one person and easily knock the other ones out. I think something should be done about it in following updates.

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I just had a Grandmaster play two profiles and beat everybody on the board. He was the purple and the blue player in the screenshot. I think SMG Studio needs to take action against blatant cheating. What's the point of putting in all this time to become a Grandmaster when a handful of people are cheating to get the same result?

Hey guys,

Reminder to make cheating reports into support tickets, forum isn't the best place for it.

- Phillip@SMG

Thanks, didn't know that.

Are there any guidelines that can help determine if a player is cheating?

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