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Master MC Bakargiev Cheats

Please moderators remove him. He and his dummy player "bpenz14" did not attack each other for a good 10 rounds in a 3 player end of game scenario. They were obviously playing together.
(1.96 MB)

Playing together is not cheating, just cheap game play in a one person wins game.

As I keep saying to others, what was the actual cheat?

- Did he rolls all sixes?

- Does he have unlimited troops?

What was the cheat?

IT'S CALLED AN EXPLOIT!!! ..not a cheat!

Exploits are not fixable, cheats are, stop asking the developers to fix something that's not fixable.

You are wrong.
If someone is playing on two devices, then that's cheating.
If someone is playing on two devices then that's cheating. IPs should be checked.

Saying playing on two devices is an exploit, as in not fixable. You can't fix a person from being a loser when playing a game. You can fix a cheater who uses a hack or program to roll all sixes.

There is a difference between an EXPLOIT and a CHEATER!

- Only one is fixable!

One more note to all those saying I am wrong,

You call everyone a cheater, I am making the case their is a difference, as in cheats are fixable, exploits are not. Are you guys seriously saying I am wrong and exploits are fixable?

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