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get rid of player rank in dice algorythem

My reason for this your rank should not give u an advantage to a random roll. The game was meant to be stragtey as a novice i gave beaten master. Aslo going of script is bullshit. I have a plan in my head i dont care if the next decisson is totally odd to the AI stragey. If i have the abitly to run the table cause of my postioning. I should not be handicap. All my loss are because of this. Not all some people out played me. But if my 15 troops cant take down 6 without leaveing any troops cause the oppenent i attack wasnt with the flow or has played more. That takes away the fairness and random luck the game is meant to have. A board game dosent care


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Dice rolls are in no way effected by player rank. Dice rolls are in fact, not manipulated or effected by anything. All players are using the same dice algorithm with the same odds. 

- Phillip@SMG

I don't believe that, many a time I have seen lower players go up against higher ones and thy will have Triple the armies or more and boom, all gone, but never the other way around, there is an obvious bias to higher ranks. Honestly just do away with ranks because they just cause cheating and ruin games

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Yes there's obvi a gap between the levels similar to the wage gap. It's hard af to level up from Novice or Beginner because of bad lucc, but Masters & GMs keep getting stronger because of good lucc!
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