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I like to check the leaderboard every couple days or so and I saw that Toeny88 was making a serious run, getting into the top 10 and then rising to i think 4th, then they disappeared. I also so their name in a post about cheaters. Anyone know what happened?

I've seen it before where that sort of thing happens. When SMG conducts a cheating investigation and decides someone has cheated they deduct ranking points. That knocks Grandmaster cheaters off the leaderboard. I sometimes wonder how many top 50 accounts are cheaters. I suspect that it is a higher percentage than any other group.
If you see an account that always moves up the leaderboard and never moves down that is suspicious.
Yeah, "Tofie" has made a crazy run for the last few weeks, only upward movement and now at 3rd place. Granted I have had some pretty good win streaks but nothing like that. I also wonder how many of the leaderboard are cheaters, and like you I suspect there are more than a few.
=Lake 41= was number #2 on the leaderboard today and has been in the top 5 for a long time. Knowing he must be cheating I joined his game so that I could report him. Now both his main account and his secondary called Zelma The Eighth 2 (which was 118) are gone. I don't doubt that all the top ten are cheaters and all the top 100 as well as many others on the leaderboard are either cheaters or play games with multiple bots. Unfortunate that those who play five humans (the hardest games to win) are ranked lower than those with less skill.
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